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Plain Titanium 4in1 Pouch

Plain Titanium 3/16" 18 gauge 4in1 Pouch

A strong, tight weave suitable for a money pouch, which is what this one is used as. Larger links and/or other materials available, depending on function. This one uses a length of leather cord as the draw string, but other cord can be utilised.

Bright Aluminium Stressball

Bright Aluminium Stressball

Perfect for playing with for hours on end, this little toy is amazing in that each ring goes through every other ring. Go on, give it a try!

Silver Round-Mail Pendant

Silver Round-Mail Glowstick Pendant

A chainmail tube, closed at one end, designed to hold a 1.5" glowstick and be worn as a pendant. Available in a variety of materials, this prototype was made in purple niobium and silver.

Silver Round-Mail Pendant

Titanium Round-Mail Perfume Vial Pendant

Very similar to the glowstick pendant above, but sized up to take a perfume sample vial. This prototype was made in titanium, short length of silver and purple niobium byzantine chain added to show how the piece could be personalised. As with the glowstick pendant, this would be available in a variety of materials.

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